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Fall semester begins Monday, August 17th. The first week of classes, the ASCP will be providing interactive content on our social media accounts, website, and newsletter to help new and returning students, faculty, and staff get excited about sustainability on the Auraria Campus and while working from home!

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Alternative Transportation

Monday 8/17


Education & Outreach

Tuesday 8/18


Energy Efficiency &
Renewable Energy

  • Did you know Auraria Campus has nine certified LEED Buildings? Take a video tour!
  • The ASCP provides on-campus offices with energy efficient LED lighting! Reach out today and let us help reduce your footprint!
  • 2/3rds of the Auraria Library is powered by an ASCP sponsored solar array! (Fun fact, its the largest in the City of Denver!) Learn more about the project here.

Wednesday 8/19


Food & Gardens
Water Conservation

  • Did you know Auraria Campus uses a steam weed killer instead of chemicals in the landscaping on campus?
  • The ASCP has a sponsored garden with Denver Urban Gardens right on campus. Join us and get your green thumb on!

Thursday 8/20


Waste Diversion

Friday 8/21

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