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Green Office Program


The ASCP oversees the Green Office certification program for interdepartmental offices on Auraria Campus to engage in sustainability practices on their own time. Ranked on points, offices and their eco-leaders can initiate sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives into campus office environments. The goal of this program is to inspire behavior changes while reducing campus-wide waste and carbon emissions through ecologically minded sourcing practices, compost and recycling efforts, and reducing electricity usage. 



The Bronze level certification is designed to be an easy way to introduce your office to sustainability. Once your baseline sustainability efforts have been recorded, your efforts have been enacted, and the ASCP representative approves your office, you can move on to more advanced levels of sustainable actions.

*The Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels of the Green Office Program are a continuation of the program; more detailed and advanced for those offices who want to make a larger impact.

Eco Leader Onboarding

All the necessary information for becoming your Green Office's Eco-Leader.

Compost MOU

The office composting Memorandum of Understanding on the Auraria Campus.

Resource Guide

Our coded resource guide for reference when executing sustainable actions through the Green Office Program.

Green Office Memo

Familiarize yourself and your office with program guidelines by reviewing the Green Office memo.

Green Events

The ASCP Green Office Program requires offices to utilize the Green Events Guide. View the Green Events Guide below or email to schedule your Green Event today!

Hybrid & Remote Work

We understand that the pandemic has shifted how often people are commuting into the office versus working from home. We encourage you to start pursuing initiatives to green your home office too! Check out this Greening Your Home Office guide to learn more.

Meet our Green Offices!


Sign your campus office up with the Green Office Program today to help reduce ecological impacts on the Auraria Campus.

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