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Chris Herr (he/him/his)

Sustainability Officer

Chris's role is to facilitate programs and projects that reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, conserve water, encourage alternative forms of transportation, create educational opportunities for the student body, and otherwise conserve our resources. Chris works with student groups and individuals that have ideas on how we can make the Auraria Campus more sustainable.

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Cassy Cadwallader (she/her/hers)

Sustainability Coordinator

Cassy’s role is to develop and execute a robust Education and Outreach plan, assist the Director of Sustainability with annual Greenhouse Gas Inventory requirements, manage and develop the student employees, facilitate opportunities for further student involvement, and otherwise expand the capacity of the Auraria Sustainable Campus Program (ASCP). Her position will also play a role in project research, various areas of strategic planning, and in developing proposals. In her spare time she also Chair’s the AHEC Diversity Equity and Inclusion Community Coalition and serves as an AHEC representative on the Auraria Campus Police Department Community Advisory Board.

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Rylee McCone (she/her/hers)

Waste Diversion Specialist

Rylee focuses on waste diversion efforts through projects such as the Green Office Program and Compost Expansion. She helps the campus sustainability continue to grow by tracking and assessing data around waste diversion and campus emissions to find ways to reach ASCP’s goal of a 35% diversion rate by 2024 and lessen our environmental impact on as many fronts as possible. By collaborating with EcoReps, event staff, campus faculty, and our marketing team, Rylee is able to create and implement projects and educational events that add to a campus-wide effort towards a more eco-friendly and earth-conscious institution. Rylee is a strong believer in collaboration and the power of leading by example. She looks forward to engaging as many people as possible to work toward a common goal of making the Auraria campus a spearhead in environmentalism and creating a domino effect that radiates outward, encouraging sustainable mindsets and a sense of stewardship in every individual.

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Girija Kulkarni (she/her/hers)

Graduate Assistant

Girija is a Master’s Student in Environmental Sciences at CU Denver. She is the Graduate Assistant at ASCP and specializes in community outreach centered on environmental justice and sustainability. Her passion for animal rights and environmental justice led her to focus on spreading awareness on sustainable living through an understanding of global ecology. In her free time, Girija teaches Bollywood dance classes at the Student Wellness Center, wrangles horses, and spends time with her two wonderful dogs. She hopes to combine her knowledge of ecology, evolutionary biology, and business administration to inspire an environmentally conscious future.

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Evan Pierpont (he/him/his)

Student Associate - Marketing

Evan is an undergraduate student at MSU Denver obtaining his B.S. in Sustainable Systems Engineering. He intends to create more sustainable solutions whether that’s transportation infrastructure, services, products, or buildings. He serves as a marketing specialist within the ASCP, maintaining this website and creating in-house assets for the team. He is also responsible for on-campus collaborations with student clubs and organizations. He enjoys servicing and building computers, playing video games, and watching movies on his free time.

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Veronica Minster (she/her/hers)

Student Associate - Waste Diversion

Veronica is an undergraduate student at CU Denver obtaining her B.A. in Environmental Science. She serves as the Waste Diversion Associate for the ASCP. Her role is to assist with reducing the Auraria Campus' waste production by staffing zero waste events, sorting waste, and providing bin-side education. She additionally helps develop sustainability learning materials and ensures that waste bins are sufficiently maintained. In her free time, she enjoys reading, exploring nature, and travelling.

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Jaxon Mawhiney (he/him/his) & (they/them/their)

Student Associate - Waste Diversion

Jaxon is a member of the Waste Diversion team and grew up in Colorado Springs. Learning about the state's environment in school, hiking on the weekends, and camping in the summer all instilled a sense of appreciation for the state's natural environment, and they feel as though it is their responsibility to pitch in and keep Colorado awesome. Jaxon also likes houseplants, old photos, and traveling.

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Anna Zapel (she/her/hers)

Student Associate - Marketing

Anna is an undergraduate student at CU Denver obtaining her B.A. in Marketing. She is the Marketing Student Associate at the ASCP and has a passion for using marketing to promote sustainability. She hopes to apply her understanding of marketing and sustainability to environmental non-profits and in the field of education. Outside of the ASCP, you can find Anna exploring the outdoors. If she is camping at the Great Sand Dunes, finding a new hike, watching a midnight meteor shower, or hitting the slopes, she is in her element.

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Amy Nash (she/her/hers)

Student Associate - Waste Diversion

After an eight-year career in the performing arts, Amy Nash has discovered a passion for Ecology and Environmental sciences. Currently enrolled at the Community College of Denver, she plans to graduate and enroll in a four-year school to pursue a bachelor's degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Amy is the ASCP's first student employee from the Community College of Denver, working with the Waste Diversion team to reduce campus landfill rates and make the campus environment healthier for the students, staff, and urban wildlife who share the space. Her favorite animals are turtles because of their cute tails and tushies.

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