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Our active projects and programs on the Auraria Campus! Projects are defined as onetime implementation with little oversight by the ASCP to run them. On the contrary, Programs usually have direct ASCP oversight. To learn about more ASCP projects and programs and the impact they've had on reducing our environmental footprint, check out our Annual Report!


Water Bottle Filling Stations

The ASCP has sponsored over 35 water bottle filling stations stations around campus. These resources help provide our community the option to make eco-friendly decisions.

463 metal halide pedestrian lights replaced with LED bulbs have saved an estimated 674 MTCO2e per year! Thank you AHEC for funding and implementation!

LED Lighting Upgrades

Water Action Plan

The Water Action Plan in collaboration with the One World One Water Center is an essential piece of ASCP literature that provides an assessment of water usage on and off campus. This in turn allows for an opportunity to change how we use water on campus while still maintaining balance with current needs.

Bike Shelters

Our 3 dedicated bike shelters on campus serve as great locations to store your ride when you come to campus! Stand next to any card reader on campus with your campus id and perform these actions to get access:

  1. Call Facilities, ask for access control (303) 556-3260

  2. You will be asked your campus affiliation and name

  3. Tap the prox reader with your campus ID

  4. Your ID will be encoded for bike storage

LEED Certified Buildings

The Auraria Campus has 9 LEED Gold Certified buildings from the U.S. Green Building Council:. Learn more from our Buildings Guide!

There are two solar arrays on the Auraria Campus producing a total of 854 kW!

Arts Building - 75kW

  • 110,000 kWh annual production

  • 390 panels

Auraria Library - 779 kW

  • Over 1 million kWh annual production (enough to power 100 homes)

  • Offsets over 2/3 of library electricity usage

  • Will save an estimated average of $45,000 a year in energy costs, which will be used to fund future energy efficiency and renewable energy projects

  • Prevent 1.2 million lbs CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere each year

  • The largest singular rooftop array in downtown Denver

  • Over 2,000 panels

Rooftop Solar


Bike Fix-It Stations

We provide bike tools and air pumps outside of the Arts Buildings and inside the Tivoli Garage to enable bike usage from everyone!

View our bike guide

Download the Share Meals app to share your leftover event food or pick up free food.

Learn more here


Share Meals

Steam Weed Killer

In collaboration with AHEC Grounds, steam weed killer will reduce our use of Glyphosate (Roundup) by 50%, preventing a probable carcinogenic from leaching into our waterways.

Connect Auraria Community Garden

On the south side of the Science Building, this garden provides educates the campus about sustainable agriculture and organic gardening while increasing local food procurement.

Compost & Recycling

A plethora of three bin systems for sorting waste are deployed all over campus. We're prepared to expand these systems to divert even more waste!

Waste sorting guide

Hard to Recycle Items

We divert waste by providing receptacle bins for oral health, cosmetic, electronic, and cigarette products!!  For more information, visit our waste guide!!


Green Grants

Green Grants is a program via a grant cycle each spring semester currently which provides students an opportunity to implement an idea on campus for a reward!

Green Events

The ASCP Green Events service is an important step in achieving our campus-wide waste diversion goal of 35% by 2022 and reducing campus impact!

View Green Events

Sustainability Workshops

The Spring Workshop Series is designed to provide students on the Auraria Campus an opportunity to learn about the fundamentals of sustainability via rich interaction between student and the ASCP!


The ASCP is spearheading a certification program for interdepartmental offices on Auraria Campus. Ranked on points, departmental offices and their green "offices leaders" initiate sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives into campus office environments. The goal is to inspire behavior changes and reduce campus-wide waste and carbon emissions through ecologically-minded sourcing practices, compost & recycling efforts, and reducing electricity usage. 


Learn more about Green Offices here!

Green Office Program

Student Eco-Reps

Our student Eco-Reps serve as direct volunteer representatives to the Auraria Campus community!

Learn more

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