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Bike Shelters Break Ground!

The ASCP is proud to announce one of our latest sponsored projects, the new covered Bike Shelters on Auraria Campus. The project was designed and is currently being constructed by the Colorado Building Workshop with the College of Architecture and Planning at University of Colorado, Denver.

Over the fall semester, Colorado Building Workshop at CU Denver will construct two bike storage facilities for campus, located on 9th St Plaza by the Arts Building and Larimer St. next to the North Building. The intent is to offer sustainable alternative transportation resources, reduce motorized transportation to downtown, and keep student's bicycles safe on campus. Click to learn more about the projects Colorado Building Workshop has done over the years here.

The images below show the various ways students looked to reduce the carbon impact of the buildings, as well as some gorgeous visualizations of what is to come. We are so excited to see these become completed!

Building Progress Photos:

Follow the bike shelter building progress on Colorado Building Workshop's Instragram!



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