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Sustainability related courses and programming provided by the academic institutions on the Auraria campus.


Across all three academic institutions on the Auraria campus, there are many courses and programs offered for the sustainability minded individual. The programs, whether they're minors, study abroad opportunities, or structured majors around the subject of sustainability, will provide you with a unique set of tools to help create a better environment for us to live.

Are you a student looking for more opportunities to get involved within your academic institution? Be sure to check out our campus resources section on the resources page to see a listing of clubs and societies affiliated with sustainable practices! Interested in learning more about sustainability through the ASCP? Check out our Spring Series with archived lecture material!

*Did we miss something? Submit it here! This list will be contentiously expanding and updated as we aim to provide a central resource for all students, faculty, and staff to find academic opportunities.

MSU Denver

CU Denver





CET 3320 Environmental Impact Statements Credits​

COMM 490A Environmental Communication


ENV 1200 Intro to Environmental Science

ENV 2200 Principals of Ecological Restoration

ENV 3400 Water Resources

ENV 3540 Advanced Geologic and Environmental Hazards-Denver and Vicinity Credits

ENV 3700 Mountain Environments

ENV 4200 Environmental Policy & Planning

ENV 4400 Landscape Ecology

ENV/ EVE 4420 Wetlands

ENV 4960 Global Environmental Challenges


EVT 4100 Special Events Production

ENV 4200 Environmental Policy and Planning

GEG 1000 World Geography

GEG 1300 Introduction to Human Geography

GEG 1700 Principles of Sustainability

GEG 1910 Global Water Concerns

GEG 2020 Geography of Colorado

GEG 2700 Geographies of Environmental Justice

GEG 3300 Land Use, Culture, and Conflict

GEG 3360 Economic Geography

GEG 3410 Biogeography

GEG 3520: Regional Geography, variable topics

GEG 3600 Urban Geography

GEG 3630 Transportation Planning

GEG 3720 Global Sustainable Development

GEG 4640 Recreational Land Use Patterns

GEG 4700 Sustainability in Resource Management

GEG 4720 Sustainability in Mitigation Planning

GEG 4920 Sustainability Practice Seminar (rotating instructors)


GEL 3530 Advanced Geology of the Colorado Plateau Field Course: Variable Topics

GEL 4150 Hydrology (Surface Water)

GEL 4250 Hydrogeology (Groundwater)

GEL 3420 Soil Resources


HON 391U Environment, People, and Place

HIS 3426 Water and the American West

JMP 3570 Covering the Environment

MTR 1600 Global Climate Change

MTR 2050 Community Climate Initiatives

MTR 3030 Climatology

PSC 3230 Envir0nmental Politics

SWK 3070 Environmental Justice in Social Work




ENV101 Introduction to Environmental Science

HWE 100 – Human Nutrition
HWE143 -  Applied Nutrition to Whole Food Cooking

AEC 104 – Architectural Drawing Theory
AEC 116 – Building Materials
AEC 125 – History of Architecture
AEC 218 – Sustainable Building Systems

AEC 219 – LEED Exam Preparation




HIST 3366 - Nature and Power in American History

HIST 3616 - Global History of Energy

Environmental Ethics

PHIL 3430/5430

HUMN 5430

SSCI 5430

ENVS 1342 Environment, Society and Sustainability

GEO 4680 Urban Sustainability

Spirituality and Ecology in Global Societies RLST 3800

CVEN5460/URPL6399 Introduction to Sustainable Urban Infrastructure

IT Equipment Life Cycle


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