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Campus Orgs Push Water Conservation

My MET Media

You can't manage what you don't measure.

In an effort to get a handle on water leaks and water management, a campus-wide initiative was organized by the Auraria Higher Education Center (AHEC), the Auraria Sustainable Campus Program (ASCP) and the One World One Water Center (OWOW) to map irrigation and locate the source of the leaks.

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Green roofs for a Sustainable Auraria

My MET Media

Over the past 10 years, the Auraria Sustainable Campus Program has utilized three green roofs across campus to reduce Auraria’s ecological footprint.

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Auraria Campus is Throwing Shade at Climate Change

My MET Media

Auraria campus is becoming more sustainable one step at a time with the help of the Auraria Sustainable Campus Program. The newest project for ASCP is  the redesign of the Shade Garden installation outside of the Plaza building. 

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Auraria Plans to Sustain the Future

My MET Media

New Sustainability Trail highlights campus-wide conservation efforts. The trail that took place in March highlighted some of the most impactful projects MSU Denver and Auraria have built toward sustainability.

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Sustainable Campus: CU Denver Adds Composting Bins to Buildings

CU Denver News

Following strong support from the Auraria student body, the CU Denver Facilities Management team prioritized installing composting bins, purchased by the ASCP, in high-traffic areas in all CU Denver buildings, such as the Business School lobby and next to the coffee station in the Lawrence Street Center. Student fees cover the cost of the bins, and CU Denver’s Facilities Management administration has set aside funds to train its custodial staff on best waste diversion practices.

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Auraria Bike Pavilions by Colorado Building Workshop

Architectural Record

Completed during the pandemic, the Auraria Bike Pavilions are located in downtown Denver, on the campus of the Auraria Higher Education Center, home to CU Denver, Metropolitan State University, and the Community College of Denver. Check the pavilions in Architectural Record's coverage of our project in collaboration with Colorado Building Workshop.

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Auraria Library Wins Downtown Denver Award

Downtown Denver Partnership

Sometimes it's what you can't see that makes all the difference. In 2019, the Auraria Library made a bold move towards sustainability in the addition of the largest single rooftop solar array in Downtown Denver. This 779 kW project will lead downtowns’ sustainability efforts for years to come.


Auraria Campus Installs Largest Rooftop Solar Array in Downtown Denver

Markets Insider

Read Market Insider's coverage of the Auraria Library's solar installation! Be sure to read our blog post for more information about the solar array!

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Cherry Creek Cleanup

The Met Report

Watch November 22, 2019's issue of The Met Report featuring a piece about the ASCP's organization of the Cherry Creek Cleanup! Meet Cassy and Hope, student employees of the ASCP as they provide details for the Creek Cleanup. Want to volunteer in the future? Learn more about being an Eco-Rep today!

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