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Composting services for campus
events designed to reduce waste.
The ASCP is proud to announce our Green Events services! This is an important step in achieving our campus-wide waste diversion goal of 35% by 2024 and reducing the Auraria Campus’ ecological impact.


  • Consulting services to promote sustainable practices prior to and post event

  • On-site staff members for bin-side education and sorting help

  • Compost bins for all sizes of events

  • Post-event impact reporting

  • Event composting: click button below to contact!

Mini Guide
Tier I
Tier II
Tier III
Staff training preceding event
Compost bins, bags, and signage
Waste sorting throughout event
Compost collection, disposal, and statistics
Zero waste materials event consultation
Food vendor materials training and assessment

Useful Guides

Share Meals

Use the Share Meals app to share your leftover event food to minimize food waste on campus.

SWAG Guide

Promotional materials for your event that include sustainably sourced and eco-friendly goods.

Waste Guide

How to sort your waste on campus using the three-stream system and zero waste initiatives!

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