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Our free Sustainability Workshop Series for all students.

Our sustainability workshop series is postponed until Fall 2024.

Thank you for your interest in our sustainability workshop series! At this time, we have decided to indefinitely postpone our workshop series as we work to restructure the workshops. Our staff is working hard to redesign this series in a way that is beneficial to the campus community at large. Please check back in at the start of the Fall 2024 semester. Thank you for your patience. 

Sustainability 101*

Jan 31

*Entry-level workshop; be sure to take this first!

What is it? How do sustainability efforts affect our campus? What can you do as a CU Denver student? Participants will be exposed to 1) each of the resources we work to conserve (energy, water, waste, and food), 2) learn
why it matters, and 3) how future workshops in this leadership certificate program will build your knowledge on the social/economic reasons to engage in sustainability work personally and professionally in your current and future workplace.

Sustainability & Business - CANCELLED

Feb 7 (*TIV 442)

This workshop will cover the financial return on investment for a variety of real-world sustainability example. This will demonstrate how decisions are made and why certain projects are pursued over others as well as how to communicate this to constituents. We’ll also go beyond just the fiscal bottom line and learn more about the human and environmental considerations when determining the best projects to pursue. Finally, we will also focus on how the ASCP addresses these issues via our 7 pillars and how that translates to projects on the Auraria Campus.

Food Waste - CANCELLED

Feb 14

Approximately one third (or 1.3 billion tons) of the world food supply is lost or wasted—enough to feed 2 billion people each year. Students will look at the issue of food waste on a global, national, and local (campus) scale, applying both a social and environmental lens. We will discuss the factors contributing to food waste, the EPA’s food recovery hierarchy, and local organizations and efforts working to address the issue.

The State of Waste - CANCELLED

Feb 21

Explores the status of recycling and composting in the United States, Colorado, and on the Auraria Campus. Students will look at the costs and benefits of expanding these programs and clarify misconceptions. As part of this workshop, students will participate in creating a behavior change campaign to experience applying critical thinking skills concerning messaging, intended outcomes, etc.

Water: Planning for the Future - CANCELLED

Feb 28

Explores water conservation through the lens of the Auraria Sustainable Campus Program's water action planning efforts. Beginning with a high-level overview of global water concerns, students will take a close look at how the Auraria Campus uses water, how we can be better water stewards, and the steps we have prioritized to attempt a 10% reduction in water consumption by 2022.

GHG & Climate Action Planning - CANCELLED

Mar 6 (*TIV 442)

Come learn about Auraria's greenhouse gas emissions footprint and how we're hoping to address campus emissions through our current climate action planning effort! The Auraria campus, like many universities and cities, conducts greenhouse gas inventories so that we can take action to address emissions sources (spoiler alert: building energy and transportation!). In this workshop you will learn about the process of GHG accounting, the results of Auraria's annual GHG inventory, the current landscape for state, local and university climate policy and how the ASCP's Climate Action Plan is being compiled...and how you can get involved with it!

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