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50 for 50 — Transportation

Let’s talk sustainable transportation habits!

  1. Limit car usage/take alternative transportation!

  2. Use your RTD student pass

  3. Ride your bike! Don't have a bike or heading out for a while? You can pick up the red JUMP bikes that are scattered around Denver for just a few cents per minute. All you need is the Uber app!

  4. Each week, pick at least one destination to walk to.

  5. Think ahead: compile a list of errands that you need to run and knock out as many as you can in one trip!

  6. Carpool with friends when running errands or heading to campus!

  7. Regularly check your tire pressure! Under inflated tires use more gas.

  8. Drive slower! Vehicles moving at 50mph use significantly less gas than a vehicle traveling 70mph.

  9. Utilize the Colorado Carbon Fund to offset GHGs from your car.



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