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50 for 50 — Food Sustainability

Today’s actions are about sustainability with food! As always, drop your fav sustainable food habits in the comments below.

  1. Buy produce that is local and in season to reduce carbon emissions produced from transporting goods.

  2. Once you’re done drinking a smoothie, put a little bit of water in the container, swirl it around to get all of the remaining good stuff off of the walls and drink-up that grey water!

  3. Shop locally at farmers markets! Hopefully, farmers markets will open up this season. There are tons in the Denver metro area! Check out Denver's website for a full list.

  4. Don't skip over the ugly fruit! Misshapen and gently bruised fruits and vegetables are great for soups, casseroles, baked goods, and so much more.

  5. Consider Meatless Mondays and/or Wheatless Wednesdays!

  6. Cook at home for yourself and/or others! Cooking from home is cheaper and better for the environment. When social distancing is lifted, alternate between friends for dinner parties because let's face it, no one wants 3 days of the same leftovers.

  7. have a plan for peeled skins; compost or incorporate in other recipes! Skins are great for making a veggie stock or crispy vegetable chips!

  8. Get creative with the random items in your fridge to minimize food waste! Websites like create recipes for you based on the contents of your fridge and pantry!



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