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50 for 50 — Recycling

This next batch of actions is all about recycling! Do you have any recycling tips that work well for you? Drop us a line on our social media (@aurariascp)!

  1. Come prepared! Bring your own water bottle and ASCP bambooware wherever you go, and you will reduce the use of plastic bottles and to-go plasticware.

  2. Recycle e-waste at designated facilities for it, such as this station on the second floor of the Tivoli. Don't throw e-waste out with the trash, it's toxic!

  3. Use services like terra cycle to recycle complex waste like toothpaste tubes, soft plastics, etc.

  4. Identify food candidates that use large amounts of plastic (bread for example) and learn how to bake your own!

  5. Learn your local recycling restrictions; please don't wishfully recycle!

  6. Find creative ways to clean out recyclables! E.g., when emptying out a food can, put a little bit of water in it, swirl it around, then add that water to the pot.



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