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50 for 50 — Home & Energy

Happy Earth Month, Auraria! In honor of 2020 being the 50th year since the establishment of Earth Day, we thought we’d share 50 sustainable behavior changes throughout the month of April! This first set is all about conserving energy at home.

  1. Shut blinds on hot days to reduce energy use from the air conditioner!

  2. Dry clothes in the sunshine!

  3. If you can't dry clothes in the sunshine, use tennis balls in the dryer for more energy efficient operation!

  4. Light up your evenings with candles in lieu of electricity (Make sure they are soy based not petroleum)!

  5. Limit shower length. Aim for five minutes or less!

  6. Consider receiving an energy audit from utilities company to identify ways to improve energy efficiency in your home such as window seals, led lights, etc.

  7. When purchasing new appliances, consider their energy use or certifications through energy star



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