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Green Office Spotlight: Jada Syzmpruch

Jada Syzmpruch, Industry Navigator for the Classroom to Career Hub at Metropolitan State University of Denver, is leading the way in the Auraria Sustainable Campus Program's Green Office Certification Program. Achieving Silver Status in December 2023, the MSU C2Hub becomes the second silver status office on the Auraria Campus.

The ASCP helps offices start "greening" their office environment by providing a checklist of simple tasks they can integrate to improve in aspects of sustainability. Once they've initiated changes in the categories of "Awareness", "Transportation". "Energy", "Water", "Waste Diversion", "Events", and "Purchasing", they can schedule an office audit with the ASCP representative who allots points based on their success in each category. They are then assigned a level of certification (bronze, silver, gold, or platinum) accordingly. Congratulations Jada and the C2Hub and thank you for your unwavering dedication to our campus sustainability mission!

1. What inspired you to pursue the Green Office program?

What inspired us to pursue the Green Office Program was, because the administration building on campus is not LEED certified, we wanted to do our part to contribute to sustainability efforts on campus. Many of our team members are passionate about sustainability initiatives and we wanted to join in the movement of greening our campus office. 

2. Why is this program important to your office?

Sustainability efforts are important to our office because we are oftentimes the face of MSU Denver to external industry partners. We wanted to show our commitment to sustainability and climate change on campus.

3. What does the Silver level achievement mean to you and your office?

It means that we are doing our part! The Green Office Program was a great way for our team to come together and make a difference. We are also able to serve as a good example to our students by pursuing this program. 

4. What was your favorite part of pursuing this program?

I think our favorite part was innovating different ways we could achieve some of the tasks. For example, at first, we were thinking of getting rid of our K-cups, but we decided to purchase reusable K-cups. I’ve also enjoyed thinking of ways we can upgrade in the future, like LED lighting and thermostat retrofitting. This program was a good way to inspire us to do better.

5. What are you most excited about going forward? 

I’m most excited for our team to become more cognizant of sustainability practices, such as proper waste sorting, because I know they will take these skills outside the office with them and hopefully make an impact elsewhere. 



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