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Metropolitan State University of Denver transportation methods



According to the Auraria Transportation Survey, our Campus community is prioritizing sustainability. In spring 2019, 70% of campus commuters chose sustainable transportation options including 42% using public transit alone (bus or light rail), 20% mixing driving with public transit, 5% are either walking or biking to campus, and 3% are carpooling. Only 30% of survey respondents drive alone.

About the Research

In March 2019, over 1,700 students, faculty and staff from MSU Denver, CCD, CU Denver, and AHEC took the Auraria Campus Transportation Survey. Designed by a team of MSU Denver Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences students, faculty, and the Auraria Sustainable Campus Program (ASCP), the survey asked participants questions about their commutes to better understand travel behaviors and to calculate campus greenhouse gas emissions from transportation.

2018-2020 Research Team


Dr. Sara Jackson Shumate, Principal Investigator

Dr. Sylvia Brady

Dr. David Parr

Questions about the survey? Interested in working on the 2021 survey?


Please contact Dr. Sara Jackson Shumate at or Dr. Sylvia Brady at

Student Researchers

Annie Clontz, analysis and graphics development

Billy Jack Traversie, GIS analysis

Christopher Talbot, survey design, implementation, and GIS analysis

Miles Huskey, GIS analysis

Richard Ramos, survey design and implementation

Roland Baggayan, survey design

Scott Heller, survey design and GIS analysis

Sean McAllister, survey implementation, qualitative analysis, and graphics development

Stephanie Lopez-Vargas, survey implementation, qualitative and quantitative analysis, graphics development


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