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Sustainability Hero: Jackie Slocombe

An overdue celebration is in order for Jackie Slocombe! Jackie worked at the Auraria Sustainable Campus program for over three and a half years and her impact will be felt for decades to come.

Starting as a CU Denver Graduate Assistant, Jackie spearheaded the development of a campus Photovoltaic (PV) Roadmap identifying locations where installed solar arrays would be most viable. This roadmap led to the installation of solar arrays on the Arts building and the Auraria Library which has now become a staple of sustainability on the Auraria Campus, diverting more than 1.2 million lbs of CO2e with 828 kW of installed capacity. In addition to the PV Roadmap, Jackie oversaw the evolution of the ASCP brand which adopted a new website, logo, waste signage, and a dedicated marketing team. Through these efforts came the launch of the EcoRep Program: a student led volunteering effort. With the great expansion of the ASCP came the demand for a larger, eight-person team and Jackie was poised to coordinate their efforts.

In her Sustainability Coordinator role, Jackie conducted the instrumental 2018 & 2019 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory detailing where emissions originate from on the Auraria Campus. This inventory would later evolve into the development of the Climate Action Plan. She also developed, in collaboration with the One World One Water Center, a Water Action Plan, and internally with the ASCP, a 5-Year Strategic Plan identifying strategies for the ASCP to implement to reduce water use and increase sustainability efforts on campus, respectively. Her commitment to the ASCP’s mission granted her the position of Sustainability Manager where she elevated the ASCP to new heights by finalizing materials for the Green Office Program among other outreach opportunities to follow.

Continuing to oversee the Marketing Team and the development of the Marketing Strategic Plan, Jackie sought out new ways to increase engagement with campus constituencies in the wake of the pandemic and created a fully coordinated effort to drive involvement with the developing Climate Action Plan through a virtual public forum. This stakeholder engagement allowed the ASCP to identify key measures to reduce the campus’ greenhouse gas emissions based on data from the 2018 and 2019 GHG Inventory and the strategic matrix. Participation was drawn from a plethora of audiences including those involved in the Faculty & Staff Coalition which she proudly facilitated to drive education and outreach on campus.

One outcome of the Coalition was the direct connection between the ASCP and the students which allowed for the development of Green Grants written by students to implement sustainable projects on campus. Students can also participate in the Sustainability Workshop Series, thanks to Jackie, which connects them with experts in topics like waste diversion and water management to gain a holistic scope of sustainability.

For nearly four years, Jackie Slocombe has been instrumental in the growth of the Auraria Sustainable Campus Program. Her brilliant devotion to sustainability and the relationships she nurtured in the workplace have left an everlasting impression on everyone involved with the program. Thank you, Jackie.

Jackie’s current role as Mercy Housing’s Director of Sustainability will surely benefit hundreds, if not thousands of families and individuals across the United States.



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