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VSA Goes Green!

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

On November 21, 2019, the Vietnamese Student Association from the University of Colorado Denver elicited the help of the Auraria Sustainable Campus Program to provide compostable materials for their Thanksgiving feast!

The club required the use of cups, plates, and utensils, all of which were available in a compostable alternative and supplied through the club itself. The ASCP supplied a composting bin and bags for the event and offered bamboo reusable utensils to those interested in learning about the ASCP's sustainability efforts.

In total, 60 cups, plates, and utensils were supplied which helped divert non-compostable material from landfill. A net weight of 23.4 lbs of compost was diverted from landfill to campus composting thanks to the joint effort between VSA and the ASCP.

One of CU Denver's Vietnamese Student Organization's missions is to create a safe space for students and the local community on campus, not only through relationship building and networking, but also through the continuous fight to instill knowledge about sustainable lifestyles and increase the environmental health of the Denver Metropolitan area. With this partnership, they hope to reach a larger student body in terms of awareness and being knowledgeable on the issues.

Don't forget to check out VSA at their end of the year event on December 13! Follow their Facebook or Instagram for more info!

The ASCP would like to thank VSA for this opportunity to collaborate and looks forward to more opportunities in the future to reduce waste on campus!



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