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November Sustainability Spotlight Hero — Carina Gaz

Congratulations to Carina Gaz for being our November Sustainability Spotlight Hero!!

Carina's role within the Auraria campus first began in 2014 when she oversaw 2 years of grants between Bike Denver and AHEC with a goal of transforming single occupancy vehicle flow.

Her work through Bike Denver allowed the campus to establish baseline data for bike+ped count and how commuters got to campus. It also helped educate and encourage alternative commutes to campus through a number of events, workshops, etc. such as the commuter coffee series! This important work also allowed the ASCP to secure funding for its first bike shelter on campus in the Tivoli Garage!

For Carina, biking is a way to practice daily meditation and mindfulness in her daily commute. She relishes bike riding benefits while getting herself where she needs to be. Her appreciation for biking evolved into an appreciation for transit as well where she enjoys to possibility to be a part of someone's day for a quick minute.

Carina holds that although transit and alternative transportation methods have a benefit in reducing emissions and helping the planet, it can also be helped from one person to another. In short, conversations and where they can take you on transit are incredible. The communal nature of transit and fore for human connection that it carries is powerful.

Her passion for alternative transportation found herself as the Co-chair of the Transportation Subcommittee part of the ASCP's Climate Action Planning process. Seeing transit as an opportunity to build community, Carina would love to see The 5280 Trail come through the Auraria Campus. She also looks at transit on campus through an equity lens, ensuring that BIPOC inequities that have existed in local transportation systems are addressed. Carina reports that the subcommittee is extremely creative and has a great deal of optimism with an innovative base to present solutions to the Auraria Campus.

An open invitation is extended from Carina and the Transportation Subcommittee to join their regular meetings! Carina participates in this role voluntarily, helping to organize committee members, facilitate meetings and assess strategies to reduce the GHG impact of Auraria's commuting behavior. If you are interested, please email Carina or Jackie Slocombe for more details.


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