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Lighting Upgrades Galore on the Auraria Campus

Early in 2020, we partnered with AHEC Facilities and Parking to fund the replacement of most Metal Halide outdoor lighting fixtures with high-efficiency LED bulbs campus-wide. Collectively, 436 PED lights were upgraded.

This lighting upgrade has reduced electricity usage by by 2.37% and will save the campus $43,000 annually. Furthermore, 1.15 kWh of electricity use will be avoided annually. Visit the ASCP's Annual Report for more information on Energy Efficiency and lighting upgrades.

We also have a major lighting update from the Auraria Higher Education Center! In Spring 2019, AHEC installed new LED light fixtures on the first three floors of the 5th Street Garage. Each floor's lights operate by motion!!

Here are some quick facts about the new lighting provided by Cynthia Smith, Construction Project Manager, LEED AP BD+C.

  • The number of fixtures in the parking garage was reduced from 1,792 to 700. The change represents a reduction of fixtures along with future maintenance requirements by 61%.

  • The total watt consumption of electricity in the garage was reduced by 37%. The watt consumption reduction is based on total watt reduction within the parking garage from 62,432 to 39,226.

  • While making the consumption and fixture count reductions noted above, the campus improved the foot candles in the garage from 3.7-foot candles to 7-foot-candles on average. The foot-candle improvement will improve the end user experience and provide a safer environment.

Congratulations AHEC on completing this wonderful project!



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