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Fight Plastic Pollution!

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Due to the rise in COVID cases in Denver and the new city of Denver regulations, the Cherry Creek Clean-up event scheduled for this Sunday, Oct. 25 has been cancelled.

You can still sign up and participate in TrashBlitz Denver; use the web app to track and record the types of plastic waste polluting our neighborhoods. This event will take place during the last week of October (25-31). To help us collect data on what brands are polluting Denver, you can:

  1. Clean-up on your own at the TrashBlitz pre-determined sites

  2. Do a week-long home waste audit

Upload your photos and videos of you in your Halloween costume here! Make sure to follow the event opening and closing statements on the Inland Ocean Coalition page.


This October, The Auraria Sustainable Campus Program has partnered with several other organizations to host a Recycling 101 Webinar and a Cherry Creek River Trail Cleanup! Be sure to check out the events below for more information on recycling and to help make our community safer and cleaner!


  • Eco-Cycle

  • Women in Sustainability

  • Waste Management

  • City of Denver

  • Into the Sea

  • GFL Environmental

  • Inland Ocean Coalition

  • 5 Gyres

  • OWOW

Recycling 101 Webinar

Oct 13 | 6-7:30p

Unsure of what you can recycle in the Front Range? No problem! Join us for this Recycle 101 Webinar to learn about what our recycling facilities can process and market. We will have expert waste management panelists giving a presentation on plastic, recycling, and trash followed by a discussion and Q&A. Register here!


  • Laila Amerman, Waste Management

  • Hanna Chaffer, GFL Environmental

  • Jasmine Barco, Eco-Cycle

Take your knowledge to the streets and join the partners for a special Denver cleanup!


CANCELLED: Cherry Creek River Trail Cleanup

Oct 25 | 11a-1p

There has been a large influx of plastic pollution along the Cherry Creek Trail in Denver. Plastic kills wildlife such as birds and mammals. To help keep the Cherry Creek Trail free from pollution and make Denver cleaner and safer for everyone, volunteers in Denver are organizing creek cleanups. But it’s not just a cleanup—we want residents to become aware of the dangers of plastics and overconsumption, and hold the plastics industry accountable for the products they create. We’ll be using a new app called TrashBlitz. This will help us gather data on what plastic we find during our cleanup and that data can be used to advocate for policies at the local and state level. Make sure to register here!

We can also have a little fun doing it! Kick off Halloween and Dia de los Muertos week and come dressed in your best costume. Gloves, equipment, and snacks will be provided! Make sure to bring your face mask, as they are mandatory for this event! Attendees will also be required to fill out a health assessment form prior to participating in this event.



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