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Sustainability Hero Month of December: Patrick Gaimara

Our Sustainability Hero this Month is Patrick Gaimara! Patrick commutes to work on the Auraria Campus as a custodial lead under AHEC via RTD and his mountain bike, traveling all the way from Aurora. He bikes to the light rail Station (about 13 blocks), and boards the train with his bike and locks it up once he gets to campus. On his way back from campus, Patrick bikes roughly 4 blocks to a nearby bus station to take him home the majority of the way, and then bikes the remaining 5 miles.

Although he’s had his bike stolen once off of the front of a bus, he’s persistent with his use of alternative transportation by investing in greater devices to secure his bike. Patrick locks his bike up with a u-lock through the tire and frame to ensure that it isn’t an easy target here on campus. He also runs a cable through the seat and tire to prevent those from also being stolen. Before he puts on the u-lock he makes sure to feed the cable through the lock.

With over 35 years of biking and public transit behind him, Patrick carries a backpack with him to dress for the elements in case of a sudden change. He will bike through the snow due to the majority of lanes being plowed, however, a few blocks tend to be unplowed but he bikes through them.

Patrick has offset thousands of pounds of CO2E thanks to his efforts in sustainability. He suggests for you to do your part by taking the time to sort your waste into the correct bins!

Thank you Patrick!



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