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Go Vote! (It's not an ASCP initiative, but it's still cool)

Vote on the Auraria Participatory Budgeting Process: November 26th through December 9th!

You and other students submitted over 400 ideas earlier this semester about how to spend a $30,000 grant to improve the Auraria campus and student life. Students then turned those ideas into viable proposals, and now, as part of the first-ever Auraria Participatory Budgeting Process, you can vote on which projects should get funded !

All Auraria students can vote from November 26th - December 9th on how to spend $30,000 in independent grant funding!

You can v ote in-person when you see the Auraria Participatory Budget table on campus or by submitting your votes to campus ballot boxes. You can also vote online at .

What is the Auraria Participatory Budgeting anyway?

Auraria Participatory Budgeting is a tri-institutional group led by students from all three Auraria Campus institutions aimed at supporting democracy, student voice, and collaboration on campus by engaging students and the broader campus community in a process known as participatory budgeting, a democratic process for communities decide how to spend shared money.

To find out more, follow us @AurariaPB on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Invite your friends to vote with you using the Auraria PB voting Facebook event at .

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