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Alternative Transportation on the Auraria Campus

The Auraria campus is serviced by several bus and light rail lines—as a result, 35% of our campus population uses public transit to commute to campus. This is an impressive statistic! However, still nearly 50% of commuters on the Auraria campus drive alone[1]. Single-occupancy vehicle trips produce the most greenhouse gases and have the highest impact on the environment.[2] Next time you need to take a trip, consider using your RTD pass (you pay for it with your student fees, so you might as well), hop on a bike, carpool with friends or take a trip on an e-scooter! If everyone on the Auraria Campus eliminated a 2-mile car trip each week for a year, we would prevent 5 million pounds of greenhouse gasses from entering the atmosphere![3] See the graph below for the environmental impact associated with each mode of commute.

What is the ASCP doing to improve alternative transportation on campus?

  • Bike Parking: We offer covered and secured bike parking (60 spots) in the Tivoli Garage. Come to Tivoli 325 to get your card coded!

  • Bike Maintenance: 2 self-service Fix-it stations (Tivoli Garage and Arts Building). The CU Wellness Center Bike Shop and Outdoor Pursuits (PE Rec Center) offer professional help!

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: The ASCP is partnering with AHEC Parking to increase the number of electric vehicle charging stations we have.

  • RTD Pass: we are continuing to advocate for fair membership rates with RTD.

[1] Statistics are the average of three Auraria campus transportation surveys conducted between 2010 and 2017.


[3] Calculated using national fuel efficiency averages, provided by EPA, which suggest that single-occupancy car trips produce an average of 0.98 lbs CO2 per mile traveled.

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