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Behavior Change: Taking Alternative Transportation

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

I am a student at the UCD and am earning my degree in Urban Studies and Planning with a minor in Sustainability. I am also a senator for Student Government Association and am the president of the Students for Sustainability Club on campus but more importantly, I am all about alternative transportation.

I own a vehicle however I prefer to take public transit

because helps me better manage my time, find time to read, send emails, and sleep, and I get a chance to notice things that I normally don’t when behind the wheel. I also bring my bike on the bus that way I can cruise various destinations in Denver without having to pay for parking. Using alternative transportation with the student pass helps put money in your pocket and years onto our life by increasing your walking and reducing the amount of CO2 emissions discharged into the atmosphere.

I have taken public transit independently since I was in about 7th grade and one of the biggest challenges was understanding the bus schedule and making sure I am actually getting to where I need to go. With the improvements in Map apps that navigate your route it is almost impossible to be lost or confused but when in doubt do not be afraid to ask someone for directions!

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