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Art Contest Submission Information:


Purpose: the purpose of this contest is to give students an opportunity to showcase and express works of art that emphasize cultural, social, and environmental concerns related to sustainability that are personal to them.

Contest entry: Each student participant must submit a proposal by April 15th. Please complete the form below to receive further instructions for submission. By submitting a proposal, you help us identify the number of students participating in the competition and the space we need to secure for the showcase. After you submit a proposal (how long after submission? Be explicit) you will receive an email from the Auraria Sustainable Campus Program confirming that we have secured a spot for you in the contest. Student participants will be required to stand by art work for at least one hour on each day.  Each student will be responsible for set up and breakdown of art each day (if unable to break down or set up work due to class, please note that).  Artwork is not limited to a certain media type, however, the event will be held outside on the Tivoli quad lawn where there will be no access to electricity. We ask students to keep displays to a maximum of a 10x10ft space. There is no restriction on the materials that you are allowed to use, however we do ask to limit your waste since this is a sustainable and environmentally conscious event. We ask that you provide an artist write up that will explain your work so people can have an opportunity to learn about the student’s work if the student is unable to be present at the entire event. If a student has a special request, needs more information on the purpose, or needs help connecting their project idea to sustainability, please contact the ASCP via the website.

Contest Details: A panel made up of Art Professors and Students from each school will judge the art work. Artist will be judged on: materials used, ecological foot print, art form (lines, color, shape, space, texture, light etc), and the overall integration of issue/solution awareness surrounding sustainability concepts.  One winner will be awarded a prize at the ended of the event and their art work will be displayed on campus (location and prize information TBA).


Submit Your Idea:

Thanks for submitting!


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